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If you have used overly complicated desktop OCR software you will know it's slow to setup and difficult to love.

Zahara is different. As a cloud-based system, centrally recognising and reading invoices for the global community - literally the world - there is nothing to setup, no learning and no annoying invoice training.

Invoice's simply read accurately. You can be up and running in 5 minutes. Take a trial to get started today.

Zahara starts at $89 a month for unlimited users including 100 scanned invoices
"The approval processes and designated workflows are great. I like that the business can have its own divisions, that’s a big plus"

Financial Controller - Aesthetx, CA
Key features
  • Email invoice into Zahara for instant recognition
  • Full invoice recognition including line-items
  • Accurate AI based OCR recognition - simply works
  • Automatic matching to purchase orders
  • Automatic straight through processing for trusted suppliers
  • Sophisticated invoice approval workflows when required
  • Full tracking and reporting of all invoices
  • Multi-user cloud-based system
  • Flexible monthly pricing

Invoice Automation is here.

Its all about the Invoice Approval Workflow

Invoice fraud is the biggest security issue now. You simply cannot just pay an invoice without scrutiny. You need to know it's valid. You need to know its an invoice against an agreed purchase and that your team were authorised to make the spend. Zahara speeds up this approval process. We can put invoices in front of the right approver within minutes of them arriving into the business. Approvers can be notified on their Phone or email to take action. You can even have them code the invoice under your chosen conditions. The bottom line though is a joined up electronic workflow will result in a far more efficient accounts payable process and this is all enabled by Invoice OCR Recognition.
process purchase requisition faster
graphs and charts of purchase requisition spend

Full invoice tracking and reporting

You will want an audit trail behind every invoice from when it arrived to when it was fully approved and then exported into your finance system. At month end you will want to accrue for all those invoices out for approval. We know this because this is what our customers do. So we have reports for every requirement.

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Why Choose Zahara

Secure System
Fast & Simple Setup
Multiple Users
Mobile friendly
Improves Workflow

Purchase Requisition

Spend requests can be put into approvals workflows that then generate and send purchase orders.

Invoice Processing

Invoices can be received, read and routed our for approval so vendors can be paid on time with less effort


Analysing spend helps reveal wastage and improve bottom line. Zahara shows you who's spending your money