Intelligently recognising and matching supplier invoices to your orders

  • Scan paper invoices
  • Load emailed invoices - PDF's
  • Recognise all information intelligently
  • Self-learning - just click to correct the recognition
  • Match an order & see the % match
  • Option for no line-items
  • Split and allocate the invoice
  • Multi-currency
  • European & UK VAT
  • Export invoices & PDF's to Zahara
  • Save PDF's locally
  • Save PDF's to FileDirector fully indexed

Is it time to turbo-charge your finance team?

Your vendor invoices will typically be emailed or posted to you and from there they need to be recorded in your accounts system.

Before any of that can happen though, they may need to be approved or matched against an order. Whatever your process, if you spend too much time keying your invoices, there is a case for automation.

Our SmartInvoice solution is a clever desktop Windows software for the scanning and recognition of your supplier invoices. Zahara will take care of the approvals and SmartInvoice will help you load them into Zahara faster.

SmartInvoice is quick to install and can be setup and synced with Zahara in under an hour. It is an intelligent self-learning application so will learn any corrections you make in the recognition of your invoices. In no time at all, your key supplier invoices will be loading and exporting hands-free into Zahara. From Zahara your invoices can be approved or exported into your accounts or ERP system.

SmartInvoice is licensed annually - you buy an annual page count. This means there is no heavy up-front cost. The annual price also includes support and new updates

How it Works …

 zahara ocr with invoice
  • Raise your orders in Zahara
  • Scan supplier invoices or load from email
  • Recognise & validate values
  • Match against any existing orders
  • Update your purchase ledger
  • Send anomalies / exception for approval
  • See who can be paid more easily
  • Save the PDF to Zahara or locally
  • Quick retrieval of PDF when needed
  • Duplicate prevention with auditing
  • Visual analysis shows possible savings

SmartInvoice Pricing

SmartInvoice is licensed by page count.
You purchase your initial page-count - each exported page decreases the count by one. SmartInvoice can be used on multiple-pc's as well for no extra charge.
A separate installation & training charge may also be necessary. This is not a Mac compatible program.

Annual Page Count
Price per year
3600 pages£1200
6000 pages£1600
9000 pages£2100
12000 pages£2400
18000 pages£3400
24000 pages£3700
60000 pages£5000

All prices are subject to VAT (UK)


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