Intelligently recognising and matching supplier invoices to your orders

  • Save time keying in
  • Improve accuracy and auditing
  • User permissions and roles
  • Auto-update records in Zahara
  • Auto-post invoices in Sage & Xero
  • Auto-file PDF in Xero / Zahara / Sage
  • Multi language, European, US & Aus / NZ invoices •
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Is it time to turbo-charge your finance team?

There’s no denying that the accounts payable’s department is all about the detail. Accuracy is everything. Suppliers need to be paid, orders need to be matched and everything needs to be filed away compliantly. But it all takes time. The more invoices you receive each day, the longer the to-do list.

So why not make life a bit easier and add some automation to your process? Zahara is a platform. Not only can you raise orders, record invoices and go paperless, we also have best-in-class OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software to help reduce your processing times.

Supplier invoices can be detached from emails, intelligently read, matched against orders and then posted into your accounts system. Your colleague’s roles will be enhanced and assisted by technology, as it does multiple things at once.

You may have heard of OCR or tried it in the past. The accuracy now is incredible – effortlessly finding the headline information on the page as well as reading line items and matching them against corresponding lines in Zahara.

Our system puts you in control. It allows you to post your invoices just as you would if you were doing it manually. You can override the ledger coding from your supplier defaults, split the invoice against multiple nominals or post every single line item.

Whatever you need you can have. And it's affordable too. We have super affordable desktop software for those processing a few hundred invoices a month, and we have enterprise-class network processing for those with thousands of invoices.

We have a golden rule at Zahara – never make the solution bigger than the problem.

You can code the whole invoice or separate lines in our OCR system

How it Works …

 zahara ocr with invoice
  • Raise your orders in Zahara
  • Scan supplier invoices or load from email
  • Recognise & validate values
  • Match against any existing orders
  • Update your purchase ledger
  • Send anomalies / exception for approval
  • See who can be paid more easily
  • Save the PDF to Zahara or locally
  • Quick retrieval of PDF when needed
  • Duplicate prevention with auditing
  • Visual analysis shows possible savings


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