Sage 50 SmartSync & Integrations

We have a tool called “SmartSync” that can keep Sage 50 fully in sync with Zahara. We have a version for Sage 2015, 2016&  2017 and will update for newer versions as they are released. smartSync settings It is a desktop tool that you can download. It’s functionality is:
  1. Push into Zahara all suppliers, nominals & coding
  2. Allow invoices created in Zahara to be pushed into Sage 50 automatically
The tool is installed onto a PC running Sage 50 and downloads everything relevant from your Sage 50 into a local database. From here the suppliers, nominal codes, costs codes, tax codes and any projects are pushed over to Zahara. Any invoices recorded in Zahara can be pushed back into Sage 50 as well when you choose SmartSync as your export option (as shown below) and you select the invoices for export. smart-sync Extend Zahara with SmartInvoice  You can add automation to you invoice processing by using the affordable OCR tool – SmartInvoice. SmartInvoice allows you to load or scan a supplier invoice, match it against any existing orders in Zahara and the export the invoice into Zahara, automatically. From Zahara you can send it out for approval or edit it. You can then, when ready, export it to Sage 50. SmartInvoice
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