Page Splitting with Zahara’s OCR

Page Splitting- OCR

This is OLD news…

Zahara users have been reaping the benefits of our built-in optical character recognition (OCR) for a while. Our partnership with EzzyBills means that invoice processing is fast, in fact, it’s virtually instantaneous. Recognising line items comes as a standard, as does matching invoices with their corresponding purchase orders.

Those that are not as familiar with Zahara may not know that we also allow users to manage multiple invoices that are in one PDF and Zahara’s intelligent OCR can separate the documents. So if you send multiple orders to a trusted supplier and they invoice you with each order all in one document, Zahara knows that you’ve got separate invoices matching to your different orders. You can even send emails with several invoices attached, which will be handled as individual documents.

There’s no need to go rifling through your invoices, as Zahara has got you covered and has for a long time! Built-in OCR in our all-in-one system eliminates tedious, manual tasks that employees hate and streamlines processes for an efficient finance team. There are many benefits to using OCR which are becoming vital to businesses looking for full control on their spend:

  1. Reliable accuracy- OCR isn’t subject to human error it is reliable and accurate every time.
  2. Time savings- There is minimal manual involvement, saving hours of time.
  3. Preventing fraud- Zahara recognises duplicate or fraudulent invoices and can check that supplier bank details are correct, as some fake invoices can look very realistic.

To sum up, Zahara has had built-in OCR for a while and SMEs worldwide are using it to replace manual processes that are outdated and inaccurate. Take a look at our other features such as budgeting, receipting and our mobile app.


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