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Purchase Order System from Zahara

The starting place for all company spend should be a user-friendly purchase order system. The ability for colleagues to place their purchase requests and have a fast yet sophisticated purchase order approval workflow trigger. Managers can sign off on spend and then purchase orders sent to suppliers or instructions relayed back to the buyer to place the order online.

Zahara starts at $129 a month for 10 users including 250 scanned invoices

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"The approval processes in Zahara have given us more control and better visibility of spend"

Martin Burnell - British Airways Holidays
Key features
  • Create a Purchase Order in Seconds
  • Create Purchase Order on a mobile app
  • Multi-step purchase requisition approval workflows
  • Automate Purchase Order sending to supplier
  • Receipt deliveries - GRN process
  • Invoice matching and order invoice balance
  • Advanced AP automation and invoice processing

Purchase Order System Workflows

Zahara gets you up and running quickly. Our approval workflows have a number of conditions ready to use that enable multi-step purchase approvals. This could result in more approvers when more expensive items are purchased. We also have budget conditions - like over budget as well as the supplier or type of supplier. This means straight out of the box, Zahara can handle even the most sophisticated of purchase order approval workflows place purchase order requests in front of department managers, project managers or executives.

Faster requisition approvals on any device

When adopting a new system, you need employee engagement. You want your team to enjoy using the purchase order system. So Zahara is easy on the eye and easy to use. Approvers can take action on their mobiles, their email accounts or in the Zahara web app. Basically, if they are online then can approve. We also have purchase requisition approval reminders you can schedule and a league table of the fastest approvers. Once you adopt Zahara, you can not only control your spend but smile when it's easily adopted.
graphs and charts of purchase requisition spend

Purchase Order vs Purchase Invoice Balance

One of the really valuable features of Zahara is the ability to send a purchase order to your supplier and then record multiple invoices against it so you always have a balance. Zahara supports three-way matching of order, invoice and deliveries and you can report at money end on the order / invoice difference.

Why Choose Zahara

Secure System
Fast & Simple Setup
Multiple Users
Mobile friendly
Improves Workflow

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Purchase Order System?

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We integrate with

Purchase Requisition

Spend requests can be put into approvals workflows that then generate and send purchase orders.

Invoice Processing

Invoices can be received, read and routed our for approval so vendors can be paid on time with less effort


Analysing spend helps reveal wastage and improve bottom line. Zahara shows you who's spending your money