Release Notes


Major Feature – New budgets module – budgets by nominal or cost code, apply to divisions or projects. Download guide New Budgets

New Feature – Workflow copying – you can now multi-select divisions to copy a workflow to

New Feature – Workflow – We have created a Head of Department & Business Unit Head placeholder as the “Approver”

Refinement – Improved vendor deletion when editing the vendor

Refinement – Excel invoice export now has Currency code

Refinement – New user wizard – now select multiple divisions from multiple business units

Bug Fix – IE11 order total not adding up

Bug Fix – Various IE11 inconsistencies looked at and fixed

Bug Fix – Batch invoice approvals fixed so status goes to green


We sneaked some more new stuff out this morning, including:

New feature – New user wizard – when registering a user, you can now use a Wizard to make sure all steps are followed

New Feature – Restricted View – you can now set a user to have a restricted view. This means they only see their own orders or invoices

Refinement – Res-sending an order to a supplier – now adds Revised in the email subject

Refinement – Product paging – now we won’t load the entire vendor product set inside the vendor. You can page and search for a product

Refinement – In tax codes, you can now choose which codes are displayed or hidden from lists and set a default (in readiness for Xero integration)

Refinement – Uploading a PDF into a order can now be done by users with just the Create permission

Refinement – Draft PO – A user without the update permission can edit their own Draft order and release it

Bug Fix – GRN screen – Amount totals fixed

Bug Fix – Invoice approval link – fixed so that you dont have to be logged in to access it


We have put out another release today with some refinements and two major new features. It’s mainly about invoice approvals in this release.

Major Feature – Vendor forced to approve purchase order and schedule of works by reviewing and digitally signing acceptance. Construction industry feature.

Major Feature – Invoice Approval – An approver can now be forced to code the invoice as well as a binary (approve / reject) approval.

New Feature – Invoice Approvals – we have now created a new approval type of invoice. Existing approvals will still work with invoices though.

New Feature – Excel invoice export – we have created a new export type for invoices called Excel

New Feature – Automatic invoice export – as part of an approval process the invoices can be exported automatically if export type is SmartInvoice (and Xero on next release)

New Feature – GRN reporting – two new reports for GRN under reporting

Refinement – You can now add a PDF of an invoice as part of editing. Paperclip icon on invoice edit screen will allow adding of a new / replacement PDF

Refinement – Products – You can now set the tax code of a product under Vendors > Products

Refinement – Invoice line items – we now allow decimals in the quantities

Refinement – Closed orders can now be shown in reporting if required

Refinement – Reject email now sent to the originator and the person who created the order ie Sarah raised it on Bobs behalf – both get notified if rejected

Refinement – Uploading documents for an order – now added 3 types – quote, schedule of works, & other

Refinement – Importing suppliers, we now don’t police the contact name and we have added a progress status for the import

Refinement – Our terms page is now added to the footer of the Zahara application and all new triallers have to accept the terms

Bug Fix – Adding an invoice PDF has been causing errors for some as part of recording an invoice. We have fixed this.

Also …

Imminent for release are a major Budgets overhaul – what we call enterprise class budgets & our Xero integration. Hopefully both in March. Both are in final test pending sign-off.




This months release has been all about fixing some”under the hood” stuff. Nothing very glamorous but every little fix adds to the reliability and functionality in some way. However, we have released a major feature and a couple of very nice productivity improvements.

Major Feature – Import Orders – You can now batch import orders into Zahara using our downloadable template

New Feature – Import Line Items – You can create an order and now import line items using our downloadable template

New Feature – Email the Originator at any time during a workflow using the Send Email step and the {originator_user_email} placeholder in To:

New Feature – Credit notes – We now recognise a negative invoice as a Credit Note and support exporting of Credit Notes into Sage 50 using SmartSync

New Feature – User Placeholders – We have created user placeholders – name, email, telephone that can be added to your PDF template

Refinement – GRN Icons – Now you can easily see all GRN orders and the status is colour coded

Refinement – Improved welcome screen with check list of actions

Refinement – “All Approved” is another new list filter added

Refinement – Goods required date added to reporting

Refinement – Users – we now show you in red any users that havent been assigned to a Division



New Feature – Save as Draft – You can now create an order but Save as a Draft – then edit and resume at any time

New Feature – Reporting – We have now added invoices in the reporting options

New Feature – Order Notes – Money values – you can now choose whether to show balances including or excluding tax under Business Settings >Defaults

New Feature – Extra invoice filters when viewing lists of invoices

New Feature – Invoices – Duplicate check – When recording an invoice we alert you if the invoice number has already been recorded for this supplier

New Feature – Order – You can now set that the Originator has to specify a value for the order – under Business Settings > Validation

New Feature – Invoices & GRN – You can now limit the GRN & Invoice so once fully allocated no additional invoices or GRN’s can be recorded – Business Settings > Validations

New Feature – Invoice Export settings – have now been moved to Business Settings > Defaults

New Feature – Invoice Export settings > You can now choose SmartSync – our new ODBC / Sage 50 sync tool – ask for details

New Feature – Add a “My Orders” filter in Purchase Orders

New Feature – Batch Print – you can select and Batch Print orders out now

New Feature – Website chat – we have added website chat / support for Trialling users

New Feature – Supplier Default Terms – You can now set terms for a supplier – like “30 Days Net” and use this placeholder in the PDF template

New Feature – Discount % placeholder for line items

New Feature – Bulk removal of users – you can multi-select users and remove them from Divisions / Business Units

New Feature – Division ID field – new field added for Sage / ERP users. Place your Department ID value in here for invoice exporting (Sage 50)

Refinement – You can now edit a username in Admin > Settings > User Management  – Long overdue !

Refinement – Reporting – Multi-divisions now selectable and Projects selectable

Refinement – When adding new users, we now prompt you to add them to a Division and add their permissions

Refinement – Better error messages when the user cannot login

Refinement – Product searching in now “Contains” and not “Begins with”

Refinement – Australian localisation – refer to Ledger / Nominal codes as Account codes

Refinement – Approve / Reject Button – refined again for all devices

Refinement – New tenancy registration pages improved

Bug Fix – Deleting invoice line items – issues resolved here

Bug Fix – When adding a new supplier as part of an order, the new supplier is placed in the supplier field

Bug Fix – When recording an invoice against a matched order, line are correctly copied through now




New Feature – Sort Order – All lists, like costs codes, can now have a sort order set. Find this in Business Settings, Formatting

New Feature – Type ahead – On Nominals, Cost Codes, Products & Projects you can now type a few characters and the list filters automatically. Tab and the top one will be selected

New Features – Import users – you can now import users from a CSV file

New Feature – Batch password reset – you can now multiple select users and send a password reset email to them

Refinement – When creating a Purchase Order pattern in Business Settings we warn if you choose characters we don’t recommend

Refinement – We have started localisation so US users will now start to see more familiar wording like Ledger, Vendor, etc. More to do here.

Refinement – Tenancy registration – added more validation on the email address on screen one

Bug Fix – Cost Codes – The Cost code now displays in the approval review screen

Bug Fix – Supplier Comments – Automated approval history now removed from the Supplier Comments field

Bug Fix – Approvers Name placeholder for emails now works if there are multiple approvers

Bug Fix – Approvals Tab – Originators should now see order awaiting approval that were raised on their behalf.



Major Feature – Workflow – A condition can now be applied to an individual approver step when adding or editing existing workflows.

New Feature – Divisions – Ability to upload your own Division image

New Feature – Approval Review Screen – mouse over on Cost Code & Nominal Code to tell you what they are

New Feature – Suppliers – Multiple Select – Copy to another business unit or Delete

New Feature – Suppliers – Account Code validation – you can now set an account code Pattern in business settings and then make sure new or edited suppliers match the pattern

Refinement – Suppliers – Default Currency – Now when adding a new supplier, the default currency will be set to the Business Unit default currency

Refinement – Suppliers – Edit icon removed from list screen and added to the edit supplier screen

Refinement – Suppliers – Warning message if you try and edit or add a supplier with an existing account code

Bug Fix – Approval tab wasn’t distinct to the logged on user – it is now

Bug Fix – Reopened Purchases won’t go straight back into a workflow



New Feature – Complete audit trail / approval history now available in approval email – use placeholders {order_history} and {invoice_history}

New Feature – Process Map – Now when you click on the green / orange / red icons, you get a complete process map and a colour scheme to see where you are in the process.

Refinement – Approval review screen now has Currency and document history

Refinement – Cost code description now is export reports

Bug Fix – Partial invoice quanties error fixed

Bug Fix – QuickBooks IIF Invoice corrected

Bug Fix – Invoice approval now triggering on raising of invoice when set to automatic workflow.




New Feature  – Batch Approval – Approvers can now batch approve across all Business units on the Approval tab

Refinement – Upload Quote PDF as part of raising an order – You can now add a quote PDF / other PDF when raising an order

Refinement – Add Despatch Note – as part of the GRN process, you can now upload a PDF of the delivery note

Refinement – Invoice Approval – Paper clip icon now visible – Approvers can see the PDF of an invoice on the review screen

Refinement – Placeholders – We have added more document placeholders including Approver Name and  Document Link

Bug Fix – Costs Codes now visible on the approval review screen

Bug Fix – Placeholder – {Created_Day} – Now shows the Order Date (day) it was created ie the Order Date


Refinement – Divisions > Nominal Restriction > Panel is now hidden until revealed

Refinement – Purchase > Notes – Audit trail / notes now includes who closed an order

Refinement – Purchase > Notes – Approval comments now added

Refinement – Invoice – Credit notes can now be created as well

Refinement – Purchases – Default view is now Last 30 days

Refinement – Products – Importing existing products will update pricing, not create a duplicate

Refinement – Purchase – We have removed the word “Order” from many of the screens – a Purchase Request becomes a Purchase Order!

Bug Fix – API – Addresses are now visible in a Click2Sync download

Bug Fix – Column sorting – General fixing of all date sorting

Bug Fix – Projects – inactive projects can now be accessed and edited

Bug Fix – Cost Codes – formatting under business settings fixed

Bug Fix – Business Unit – cannot delete the last Business Unit now and lock yourself out


Bug Fix – Various validations on the registration page

Bug Fix – Help / Release Notes – hyperlink fixed

Bug Fix – Reject email not received for some users

Bug Fix – Accruals box – correct value not displayed

Bug Fix – Certain user graphs not displaying correctly

Bug Fix – Couldn’t Reject from dashboard

Bug Fix – If nominal code has apostrophe cannot be renamed

New Feature – Workflow – Conditional start

New Feature – Dates – Choose your date format (Business Settings)

New Feature – Invoices – New editable

New Feature – Report a bug added to help menu

New Feature – Reporting spreadsheet – Now a download link (better for larger files)

Refinement – Line item description box now expandable

Refinement – New animated image on login screen

Refinement – Some US localisation / wording changes

Refinement – Major improvements & changes to API


Bug Fix – Approval review screen – now lists projects

Bug Fix – Recording an invoice – Date now shows

Bug Fix – SMTP settings now editable for paying customers

Bug Fix – PO sort order fixed

Bug Fix – Dashboard boxes sizing issue

Refinement – PO view is now defaulted to “This Month”

New Feature – Users – Can now set a default Business Unit

New Feature – Search – New search box in the top right menu – search across PO’s, suppliers & projects

New Feature – Select All on Invoices view

New Feature – Workflow – emails – can now add placeholders

New Feature – Business Settings – Can now Purge all orders

New Feature – Can now add a PDF to the PO notes (quote / proposal relating to the PO)


A new release was pushed at 8am this morning.

Bug Fix – Logo now back in the Purchase Order Template

Bug Fix – Reject email now being sent when approver rejects

New Feature – Workflow – Can now delete a workflow

New Feature – Workflow – Option to send an update email to approvers between workflow steps

New Feature – Workflow – Option to CC the originator when sending PO to supplier

New Feature – Workflow – New “Send Email” step can be added to any workflow

New Feature – Workflow – Approver / Reject buttons can now be put into the Approval email

New Feature – Workflow – Approver can now batch approve from the dashboard Approvals tab

New Feature – Orders – Duplicate order prevention – Option to check whether a similar order has been raised

New Feature – Analysis – New drop down menu item for admins – 7 Graphs on one page

New Feature – Export to CSV – Export invoice data to Xero CSV format

New Feature – Export to IIF – Export invoice data to Quickbooks Bill IIF format

New Feature – Orders / Invoices displayed – Additional filters in lower dropdown

New Feature – Projects – Can now import projects using CSV

New Feature – Projects – Can now view a project and see all orders and invoices associated with it

New Feature – Currencies – All reporting is converted into your home currency regardless of what currency the PO / Invoice is in.

Refinement – Changed word Requisitor to Originator

Refinement – Admin tab removed from the home page dashboard

Refinement – Supplier import – Account code and email are no longer required fields

Release Notes


A new release was pushed at 12pm today

Bug Fix – speed issue on logging in / raising order for some users – new streamlined code

Big Fixes – various bugs noticed / reported have been addressed

Bug Fix – Searching for PO/s Invoice / Suppliers  now accurate and reliable

New Feature – Finance Dashboard – New Accruals visual = Orders raised, less invoices received against them

New Feature -Finance Dashboard – 2 new spend analysis graphs

New Feature -Finance Dashboard – Removal of PO & Invoice lists

New Feature – Paging of PO’s & Invoices – Now has Last Month, This Month, All

New Feature – Paging of PO’s / Invoices – display 20,50, 100, 200 items in lists

New Feature – Manual adding of invoices – much more advanced with invoice matching (Non FlexiCapture


New Feature – Restrict By Nominal – You can now restrict which nominal codes appear for a Division when raising a PO

Refinement   – Business Settings – Now tabbed – neater

Refinement   – Logo – Now more reliable when adding your logo

Refinement –  You can now delete a Division