Zahara Going Stateside

Zahara our PO management system keeps getting more and more enquiries from the U.S. Because of this we keep discovering new features that our customers in America need. Zahara po management software u.s america features coming soon quickbooks u.s date

Quickbooks & The U.S

Zahara already integrates with America's most popular accounting system Quickbooks. Quickbooks is also growing in popularity in the UK. Shown with their recent sponsorship of Aston Villa Football Club (A soccer team for those of you in the States). Quickbooks operates in the SME market, which is approximately 29 million businesses in the U.S. It has more than 80% of the American market share. Because of this, we realised that if we want to Zahara to be the greatest Purchase Order software there ever was or will be. We would need to integrate with Quickbooks. (See the previous blog post for more Game Of Thrones References!) We want the world to appreciate Zahara. However, as we are still growing and our team only speak English we thought that one of the first countries who would appreciate Zahara as PO management software would be America.

Our Discovery Of Important Features

Our team is very friendly and happy to answer any questions posed to us about Zahara. One such example is we were asked about our date system. As being a UK based company we forgot that not everyone uses the same date format as us! The UK and the rest of the World use a Day Month Year system. For Example 31/08/2016 The U.S and Micronesia use a Month Day Year System. For Example 08/31/2016 This apparently is an important feature that our U.S based customers have asked for. So do not worry our friends across the Atlantic we shall deliver you the date in your own format. But this brings us on to my next point.

Greater Localisation

On our roadmap, we have added a focus for greater localisation. This will include greater localisation for the supported currency countries, such as the U.S and Ireland. This will include greater support for U.S addresses and phone numbers. We want the world to love Zahara like we do. Take a Trial today and experience our simple and easy to use Purchase Order Management System. Take a Free 30 Day Trial Today. Or Get in Contact With Us For a Demo.


Conditional Workflow Coming Soon


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