Whats new

New Reporting App

1/8/2022 - We now have a new reporting API where you can connect to Zahara and extract your data. The most obvious use is Excel and PowerQuery, giving you access to your line-items and all order or invoice information. Read this help article to find out more.


Mobile App

15/7/2022 - The mobile app has been updated with a bug fix release to remedy an issue with decimal points when raising orders. Some styling issues have been fixed and a possible Android problem was investigated and fixed.  


Custom Exporter

7/7/2022 - we have updated Business Settings with a new custom exporter. Click into the integrations tab and from the options, you will find the new Custom Exporter option. This allows you to create a CSV or Excel export file for your invoices. All of the fields are available to choose along with their labels and the order. Once set, when you export your invoices from the Invoice list view, this format will be chosen. 


Mobile App Update

1/7/2022 - The mobile app has been updated. We now have tax inclusive or exclusive options when raising orders. There is also the ability to hide orders completely if you are only using the app for approvals or expenses. Here is a help article for this setting. If you experience any issues after the upgrade, delete the app and install fresh. This will clear it. 


New Invoice Processing

23/6/2022 - We have switched everyone onto invoice processing in Zahara 3 (new Zahara). If you use the Invoice Inbox, you will now create, view and edit invoices in new Zahara. Here is a video explaining how it all works. 






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