The Benefits of Using Zahara a Purchase Order Management System

Who uses Zahara?

Generally, people are very good at spending somebody else’s money. If you are a department head or a business owner, perhaps some control on that spend might be a useful step?

Zahara is designed for the multi-site organisation like pub groups, care homes, school groups, nursery school groups or multi-site retail outlets. It also works very well for those with multi-concurrent jobs or projects like construction companies or large electrical contractors.

In fact, anyone who authorises the buying for their organisation, but wants more control, more awareness, and would like to know the metrics behind purchasing will love Zahara. They will love the simplicity yet the thought that has gone into this solution.

  • Finance Directors.
  • Managing Directors.
  • Owners.
  • Shareholders.
  • General Managers.
  • Basically Everyone!

What Is Zahara?

Zahara is an online tool for managing your organisational purchasing – you can raise a purchase order in seconds. If you find your accounts PO module too cumbersome or too expensive to make available to all your staff, Zahara is for you.

  • Setup Business Units & Divisions.
  • Create budgets and control expenditure.
  • Automate purchase approvals and sending PO’s to suppliers.
  • Simple GRN to check in or acknowledge receipts of your order.
  • Dashboards and metrics on approvals and spend.
  • Projects, Cost Codes, Nominal codes that can mirror your accounts system.
  • Create user accounts to suit.

Why Use Zahara?

The team behind Zahara try to achieve Awesome. We even have a Director of Awesome who is constantly innovating. Because of this, we are making Zahara more awesome each day. This is shown by the many integrations with other popular accounts systems.

Zahara currently Integrates with:

  • Sage 50
  • Sage 200
  • Xero
  • Quick Books
  • Any ODBC compliant database

Therefore we are helping to create a much more integrated and productive office available anywhere, from any device. As Zahara is cloud based, connectivity and access is for everyone.

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How does Zahara Purchase Order Management work ?

It all runs from a web browser. All you need to do is Register and get started or arrange a demonstration

You can quickly setup your company and start a 30-day trial. After that, it’s entirely up to you whether you continue or not. You only pay monthly for the number of users you need, or for one affordable annual fee you can have unlimited access.

We are continually enriching Zahara with new features so you are choosing a system that will grow with you over time. We have listened to customers who all face the same problems, and require more purchasing control, yet want an easy intuitive system available to all.

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Zahara Increases Productvity

Zahara, with its simple and easy to use interface, will make invoice & purchase order approvals so much easier. It will increase productivity and is a progressive solution to the tedium of invoice & purchase order matching and management.

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Zahara Saves You Money

Another important benefit Zahara provides is the intelligent Spend Analysis feature. It shows detailed graphs of how your business can cut costs and save money from your key suppliers.

As it says on the wall here at the C2S Office – “The secret to Real Happiness is Progress” – We’d like to think Zahara is the future of Invoice and Purchase Order Management.

Cloud-based Purchasing Management

Together, we can make buying better. Get started today