3 Benefits of a hybrid back to work model

Covid-19 restrictions were lifted on 19th July, and everyone is preparing for returning to work in person, phew! Zahara are back in our brand-new offices in Queen’s Square, Bath and have adopted a hybrid model for office and home working. The new office is open and airy, with a spacious layout and an abundance of hand sanitising opportunities. Whether staff are in the new office learning how to use the barista coffee machine or working from home via Teams, we aim for a seamless transition into a post-pandemic workplace. Here’s a few benefits to adapting a hybrid model for businesses and employees to make the most of returning to work:


  1. Connecting with colleagues- working from the office allows for collaboration, socialising and support when side-by-side with colleagues. There is no doubt that the community atmosphere of being surrounded by people working towards the same business goal increases motivation and productivity. For those working from home, reaching out and staying connected on Teams can keep colleagues in the social loop until they are back in. Zahara love being able to pop down to the projects, sales or support offices to hear what’s going on in different departments. After 67 lockdown quizzes, we threw our first in-person office-warming party to bring everyone back with a smile!


  1. Staff flexibility- the hybrid model of working means employees and employers can reap the benefits of being in the office and home-working. Many employees in 2021 actively seek jobs where they have flexibility of choice for commuting, childcare and health reasons, as well as partaking in the daily office conundrum of “where shall we go for lunch?” (Some of Zahara’s favourite spots in Bath include Thyme Deli for sandwiches, Dough for gluten-free pizza and The Cornish Bakehouse for veggie pasties). You really get the best of both worlds!


  1. Time-saving technology- by now, everyone is familiar with Zoom for virtual meetings and weekly quizzes. However, there is more innovative software to be explored and implemented for your seamless transition to the workplace. Zahara’s cloud-based system and mobile app provides easy purchase orders and invoice approval workflows wherever you are. Saving time, money and effort, Zahara can automate approval processes whether you’re at home or in a thriving office atmosphere.


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