5 Benefits of Being Cloud Based

2020 Is a year of change. Businesses are having to adapt to a different style of working, with many needing to be operated remotely. This is where the beauty of cloud based systems really shines through. Not convinced? Here are 5 benefits of using cloud based solutions.    

1. Remote Access

  Working from home and still need access to your files and software? Cloud servers let you access these important documents at any time, from any location with internet access. This is hugely important at the moment, and will likely be a necessity for the future of businesses    

2. Easy to Collaborate

  If your team is working on a project, where everyone needs to be able to contribute, having your documents based in the cloud means the whole team has access to them. The whole team being able to access the same information and project at the right time is key to success.    

3. Security

  Although third on the list, security is top of the list for any reputable cloud based software company. Data can be encrypted at rest, Azure (where Zahara is hosted!) uses 256-bit AES encryption, also known as AES-256—one of the strongest block ciphers available.   It is also handy if you leave your work laptop on a train - the data isn't stored on the laptop so there is little risk of it being stolen, and the user can easily access their files on a different machine.    

4. Scalability

  With a cloud server, it is much easier to increase or decrease the scale of the server depending on usage - so the server can grow as your business grows. While you can increase a dedicated server, it will cost you more time, money and effort.    

5. Save Time and Money

  The savings of a good cloud server over a dedicated local server are massive. A lot of cloud services are based on a subscription - which is the only overhead. A dedicated server requires expensive IT infrastructure, and often a support engineer/team to maintain it.   Ultimately, being cloud based makes day-to-day business much easier, cheaper and safer. At Zahara, we aim to bring you all of these benefits with your Accounts Payables process. Find out how we do that by booking a demo or taking a trial.  


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