Invoice Processing now Released

We are pleased to release our invoice processing module today. We have been working on this for a few weeks and are very pleased with the first release. We now offer our users the ability to match a supplier invoice against a purchase order or record brand-new invoices. You can also drag over the PDF of the invoice for permanent saving and trigger an invoice approval.

This then gives you a dashboard of both invoices and purchases. With the ability to batch export invoice data to CSV - already formatted for Sage 50 users, you can record invoices and get them approved in Zahara before posting them into your accounts system.

The key feature, though, is the approval routine. The ability to send off an invoice for a simple approval by email. To find out more and see some screen-shots, click on to the invoice processing page.

Are you interested in Invoice Processing Automation?

Finance teams using Zahara's Invoice Processing Software are 9 times faster than those who don’t.

  •   Capture and code with AI
  •   Multi-step approval workflows
  •   Export to finance system
  •   Authorise and pay

Imagine a month-end where you're not chasing and encouraging colleagues to enter or approve invoices and where the accruals figure is readily available. That's Zahara - an invoicing processing software solution designed for the finance team that approvers and managers also like.

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