The Cloud in 2021

Cloud based applications were crucial in 2020. Covid-19 forced business to work remotely if possible, so the demand for cloud based business applications increased massively. Now there is an end in sight to the global pandemic, the question being asked is "what will happen to the cloud in 2021?" (well, that's what we've been asking anyway). So, here are some predictions for the cloud in 2021

  1. Cloud computing will be at the heart of everything we do in 2021

  2. It might sound like a sales line, but this is one statement many people can get behind. The pandemic really exposed how unprepared some industries and businesses were for an event like this. Businesses who were still using paper processes had to suddenly come up a process which meant they could continue operating - the cloud was the answer. 2021 will see business continuity departments across all industries updating their plans to contain cloud based applications. Even when we return to our "normal" the reliance on the cloud will likely be higher than we have ever seen before.

  3. Security will increase

  4. Protecting a physical building is a challenge that people have been practicing since the dawn of man. We are pretty good at it now, so your servers and on-premise systems are quite well protected. Build high walls, heavy doors and plenty of guards and you should be fine. What about cloud security? Well, 2020 saw a big spike in the amount of phishing attacks. Criminals will always be looking for their next exploit, so it is crucial that the security of the cloud keeps up with their tactics. It is always important to remain vigilant online, and while you can do your bit to stop attacks (don't click those unknown email attachments!) security around big name services - Amazon, Google etc, will reach new heights in 2021.

  5. AI in the cloud

  6. AI gets stronger, smarter and better every day, similar to most humans. What happens if we pair AI with cloud based computing? The answer, is great things. AI can be used to automate mundane tasks, that we humans don't really like doing. If you could get something to automatically empty your rubbish bin every week, I'm sure you'd take it. The case is very much the same for AI - it can be used to do stuff you don't want to do. Pair this with it being in the cloud, where you probably won't even realise it's doing your work for you. Sounds good, right?

So, as we look to return to our offices in 2021 we will likely see a bit of a boom from those industries that have been temporarily been shutdown. Entertainment, events and catering etc will likely have to find someway of fitting into this new world we now operate in, with the cloud being at the heart of their transformation. But this is just what we think. What we'd really like to know is what you think - let us know on Twitter

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