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Auto rejecting of invoices issue

We have occasional reports of invoices and purchase orders being auto-approved or rejected when the approval email gets sent out to the users. This then stops the user from clicking the link as its al…

Editing Email Templates

Every email sent from Zahara (apart from the password reset email), has an HTML template that you can style to suit. These are found in Business Settings and the HTML Templates tab. By clicking into t…

Sample Supplier Email

If you are about to deploy Zahara and would like to notify all of your suppliers about your new process, below is a sample of an email you might want to send. You can send this email in Zahara's suppl…

Add an email signature

You can add an email signature to the emails being sent from Zahara such as Approval emails. You can also add a logo to the email signatures; this will likely be an image stored on your own website. …

Supplier Matching

This article will help you get better supplier matching when using the Invoice Inbox. The receive email address identifies the business unit 2. The sender's email address should identify the supp…

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