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Editing Email Templates


Every email sent from Zahara (apart from the password reset email), has an HTML template that you can style to suit. These are found in Business Settings and the HTML Templates tab. 

By clicking into the templates above you can edit the wording and the layouts. They are all HTML so knowledge of HTML or CSS will help you style and tune these to suit. The fields that you can drop onto the templates are called Placeholders. These are fields wrapped in { } brackets. 

Adding Placeholders

Open your template by clicking into it.

You can see here the placeholders. You can edit any of this text. The Placeholders are found by Clicking Insert in the menu and then Insert Template. 

Find the placeholder you want – they are logically named – and then click Save. This will drop the placeholder onto the template. You can cut and paste them to move them around. 

Line items

The line items template are managed separately in the yellow section. For now, we recommend you only use the Purchase Order Document Lines  template and Invoice Approval Lines, which are called {line_items} & {invoice_line_items} respectively.

There are two things to know here. The first is the code that places the line items into the email template. This should be as follows: (HTML)

<td colspan=”100%”>{line_items}</td>

To access the HTML code, click View and then source code. So edit the HTML if you need to move the Line Items part of the template. Be careful using the WYSIWYG editor because you can inadvertently remove key parts of the HTML. 

The code above calls the Purchase Document Lines template (shown in yellow). If you click in and look at this template you will see it looks something like this: 

If you view the HTML you will see it is: 

You need to maintain the HTML which starts as a <tr> and ends with a </tr> (table row)

Each field needs to be wrapped in a <td></td> (table data)

You can style these to suite with code such as <td style=”text-align: right; margin-right: 10px;”>{net_amount}</td>

So in summary, you need to marry the header fields in the Email template with the individual fields in the line items template. The invoice line items placeholder can include the Nominal codes and other internal specific information whereas the Purchase Order Document Lines template is shared with the Purchase Order PDF so your supplier wont want to be burdened by your coding. 

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