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Exporting Invoice Permissions

You can control the Zahara users who can export invoices. Without this permission, the export button in the Invoice list view will not appear for them. To adjust the permissions, go to Business Settin…

Troubleshooting Users

These are the typical user issues The user cannot login but they are a registered user The user account has been created but the user hasn't been assigned to a Division or provided with a role. Chec…

Restricted Viewing

When setting a user’s permissions, there is the option for 'Restricted Viewing'. This setting means the user will only see “their documents” – meaning the orders or invoices they have origina…

User Management

Your license with Zahara is for named users. This means if you need to register a new user, you need to make sure your license count will allow for a new user. If you are taking a trial, the you have …

Mobile app permission

If you want someone to use the mobile app, they need to have the permission enabled, in their user settings. Click into  Admin > Settings. Find the user in the list on the left-hand user panel. …

Deleting Users

If you have the Tenancy admin permission you can delete users. Just find the user and click their name to enter the details and permissions screen. Then click the big red button that says 'Remove User…

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