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Exporting Invoice Permissions


You can control the Zahara users who can export invoices. Without this permission, the export button in the Invoice list view will not appear for them. To adjust the permissions, go to Business Settings > Invoices. 

Zahara Screen Shot

Enable the feature and then select users be clicking the small down arrow and then selecting available users. See below if your required user isn’t showing in the list. 


To appear in this list, the user needs the Finance and Admin role. To provide these roles, head to ‘Admin Settings‘ and over on the right-hand side, in the ‘User Membership’ section, expand the Divisions, find the user and put a tick in the column for these roles, as shown below. You will need the Tenancy Admin permission to get to this section. 

Zahara Screen Shot
Zahara Screen Shot

Zahara Screen Shot

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