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QuickBooks Excel Importer

Although we provide an IIF file export from Zahara to QuickBooks, this format doesn’t support Tax code setting – essential for most businesses in the UK and Europe. As a result, we have found a us…

Quickbooks Desktop IIF Format

You can export your invoices from Zahara into QuickBooks using the built-in IIF files format. To do this, you go to Business Settings> Integration tab and choose “QuickBooks  Desktop” Now…

QBO Integration Overview

Our integration with QuickBooks Online syncs Vendors, GL Codes, Tax Rates and Classes. In addition, invoices (Bills/expenses) created in Zahara can be exported into QuickBooks.  To connect to QuickB…

Invoice Number issue QBO

If you notice that the invoice number from Zahara is not being exported to QBO, it is simply due to a setting in your QBO system being disabled. To allow Zahara to push the invoice number into QuickB…

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