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Quickbooks Desktop IIF Format


You can export your invoices from Zahara into QuickBooks using the built-in IIF files format.

To do this, you go to Business Settings> Integration tab and choose “QuickBooks  Desktop”

  • Now select your invoices in Zahara and click the Export button.
  • You download the IIF file Zahara creates
  • You now go into QuickBooks and go File > Utilities > Import > IIF Files
  • Select the IIF File.
  • Check your Bills – are they now recorded ok?

These IIF files are limited and don’t allow for Tax recording. If you need a more advanced import, please check the articles on importing using the QuickBooks Excel format

Exporting Invoices

You export invoice and create your IIF file in the Invoice list view. Select one or more invoices and then select the export button as shown below:

the IIF file will be saved to your Download folder. You will now use QuickBooks to import this file and therefore import the invoices contained within the data. 

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