Let the robots take the hard-work out of your invoice processing

Faster invoice-processing with built-in OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

1. Email your invoices into Zahara

Generate a unique email address in Zahara or use Microsoft Flow or Zapier - all you need to do is have your invoices emailed into Zahara. You can even forward them. If you use Zahara for purchase orders, you can be very specific where you want your invoices sent, specifying the preferred address on the PO template.

2. Invoices are matched with the suppliers & read

Once in Zahara, the invoice is matched with the supplier using the email address - we handle forwarded emails and dig a bit deeper to find the correct supplier email address. Signatures and terms documents are removed so you can work with just the invoices. The invoice inbox is the place to find all the invoices that need processing. From here, you can quickly and easily process them.

3. You check the invoice and save it

With the invoice fully read and all fields populated, including line items, you just need to check it, make any adjustments and send it on it's way. If it matches a Purchase Order, InvoiceExpress will bring over the PO line items so it's all fully coded and pre-approved. Both PO and non-PO invoices can be easily processed in Zahara. The line items are coded based on your previous behaviours but you can easily override them. Invoices can now be sent for approval or exported into the accounts system / marked for payment.

4. Invoices can be approved by email

Zahara world-class workflows platform can be used to route the invoices to the right person for approval. It could be no approval is required and the invoice simply needs to be paid. Approvers can approve directly from their emails or from Zahara's Individuals Approval Dashboards. Once approved, suppliers can be emailed and the invoice exported.


What's the recognition like?

Seriously good. We are using an established OCR (optical character recognition) engine designed for invoices. All of the line-items are read as well.

How much does it cost?

You can add on a monthly quota - any amount you like - for GBP 0.35 per invoice - or you can buy a batch of invoices with the price coming down to GBP 0.10. Pricing is on this page and is always price per invoice - unlimited pages and line items

Will it work without a Purchase Order number?

Yes very much so. It will read any invoice - with or without a purchase order on it.

Do I need to provide a seat for the robot?

No. It's virtual. You just need to get your invoices emailed in. The Robot works from home :)

Can I email in a Batch of invoices *

If the supplier or you email in a PDF with say 10 invoices, we will separate them out. Similarly if you email in 10 separate PDFs in one email, we will process them as separate invoices.

Will it read hand-written invoices

No. Don't accept them is our advice.


How long does it take to read?

It's virtually instant. Once the invoice is received into the inbox, it's read straight away. The most you can expect to wait is 30 seconds in peak times.

Does it read Purchase Order numbers?

Yes. We will identify any Zahara PO Numbers and pre-select the PO when you come to process the order.

Will it process the invoices without us?

At this stage, the invoices require you to process them one by one - but that's now a case of clicking through them with minimal if any keying in.

Will it process US or Aussie invoices?

Yes. The recognition engine we use is designed for different tax regimes so will work for Aus / NZ invoices as well as most English languages invoices.

Will it Check bank details?

Yes. We will attempt to read bank details and then compare with what's stored in the Suppliers record. We will flag up any anomalies as potential fraud.

Does it work with scanned invoices?

Yes. If you scan in an invoice and save it as a PDF and then email it into Zahara it will get read. However, you could tell the supplier that you will only accept emailed invoices from now on to your specific address.

Will it read Word or Excel Documents?

Yes. If you have suppliers sending in these formats, we will convert them to PDF and they will br read.

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