Purchase Order System & Purchase Order Approvals

Control and manage your buying with pre-spend approvals

  • Create multi-step approval processes
  • Numerous conditions for complete control
  • Group approvals with dynamic allocation
  • Raise and create requests in Zahara
  • Or, bulk upload orders from third-party systems
  • Control pricing and preferred vendors
  • Cloud-based purchase requisition system
  • Approve supplier invoices with an approval workflow
  • Create departmental and project budgets
  • Subscriptions start from just £49 per month. See Pricing

Make faster, more informed buying decisions

Reduce Waste, Reduce Fraud & Improve Profits

Zahara is good for the bottom line. With departmental heads approving spend before it's committed, you will be able to catch wastage and detect potential fraud - whether that's internal or external. You can control pricing and the choice of suppliers. Zahara is about moving the approval process away from the Invoice - when the service or goods have already been delivered, further forward, to when an individual wants to buy something. With the option to use Budgets, you can also empower buyers to spend within their limits yet approve over-spend automatically.

purchase order approval

AP Automation starts with Purchase Orders.

Purchase Orders are the formal and efficient way to tell your suppliers what to supply, when to supply it, and what price you expect to be charged. They are a very efficient way of improving the buying process. Zahara makes buying easier by removing any need for paper-based requisition forms or manual recording of orders in spreadsheets. Zahara compliments your existing accounts system to provide layered approval workflows so you can empower your staff, yet control the buying. Approvers can approve on-the-go by email, or login to Zahara from any device.