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Is your organisation looking to control costs better? Perhaps you have experienced rapid growth, on-boarded lots of new employees and are now needing to manage who can buy on behalf of the organisation and where they can buy from? If this sounds like you then you are a prime candidate for Purchase Order Management. Our software is exactly this - we call it Zahara but you can end your search right here because we have something thats easy to use, fast to setup and most important of all, something that will get adopted quickly so will have a great ROI.
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What is a Purchase Order Management ?

It's the process that defines how buying is done in your organisation. Yes, POM is software and a purchase order system like Zahara, but it's also the way you do your buying and the controls you put in place to make sure your buyers are buying under the conditions you setup and specify in your Purchase Order Management tool.
How To Structure Your Purchase Order Management
Raise a PORaise Purchase Order Request Purchase Order ApprovalRequest Approval Email Purchase Order PDFSend PO to Supplier
RaisePORaise Purchase Order
Request ApprovalRequest Approval
RaisePOSend PO to Supplier
Send a PO to your vendor

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Simple PO Approvals

Our software is simple yet sophisticated

When we designed Zahara, we had one person in mind. Ourselves! We wanted to use software that's easy on the eye, and never overwhelms. That philosophy still exists today as we have created simple yet sophisticated software that has every possible setting you could possibly want but hidden away from the day to day users, so they get a nice clean interface that's intuitive. As a result, adoption of Zahara is fast with a great ROI.

Buying from approved suppliers

You may buy from the same select few suppliers or you may have an ever-expanding register of contractors. It could be you mainly buy online. Either way Zahara will fit around you. We help you manage your suppliers so that your team know who to buy from and at what price. You can import product sets or import quotes from suppliers. Everything is there to make buying easier.

Supplier Inventory
Control costs with budgets

Budgets are a key component of Purchase Order Management

"I just want to know what I can spend and then get on and place my order". Ian was the IT manager of a high-growth scale-up and said this sentence to our founder. It was a defining moment as he then set about creating the software we call Zahara. Budgets are a key component of a purchase order management system, and when setup empower department heads to buy what they need from your approved suppliers. Budgets are displayed as shown here making it obvious how a proposed purchase will impact either the department or a project.

Multiple sign-offs from multiple people

Our approval workflows trigger emails and mobile app push messages to the right people at the right time. You can approve purchase requests will traveling or away from the office so no one is delayed but you are always in control fo your costs. Multi-step approval workflows can be created easily with multiple conditions.

Approval Workflows
staff expenses

Staff expenses as well

Purchase Orders are very much targeted at key suppliers and controlling costs but the other costs you may incur are staff expenses. Zahara's delightful approval workflows can be used on these as well. Your colleagues can raise expense claims on the mobile app for faster, easier approval and then ultimately scheduled payments

What Are the Key Elements of Purchase Order Management (POM)?

An effective purchase order management solution (POM) is more than just a software. It's a complete cost control solution. A typical POM will have:

  • Easy Purchase Request (PR) capabilities
  • Approval workflows - multi-step - multiple conditions
  • Purchase Order Sending to the supplier
  • Budgets - ability to see what's left to spend and knowing when the budget is running low
  • Receipting of deliveries - know whats in and whats still on order
  • Audit trail - everything that happens to this purchase needs recording
  • Reporting - the ability to crunch buying data easily
By incorporating these elements into your purchase order system, you can enhance clarity, reduce the risk of disputes, and maintain a professional and organised procurement process
Does our finance system need to integrate?
It's perfectly reasonable to run a stand-alone purchase order management system. Ultimately you will be controlling costs and getting better visibility of all spend. Your finance system doesnt need to record a purchase order, provided you don't need to update stock. Read the next question though for the missing link - invoice processing.
What about the purchase invoice?
You will receive an invoice from your supplier and you will need to process it which involves recording it in your finance system ahead of paying it. The matching of the purchase order and invoice is a key part of the process so it's arguable that a purchase order management system should have the invoice processing part as well. You are then elevating to a Purchase to Pay solution. The good news is we do this as well. Zahara is 4 elements in one - Purchase Orders, Approvals, Invoice Processing and payments.
How long does it take to establish POM?
Including training, you could be up and running within 2 - 4 weeks. In reality, you will probably need more time to iron our your processes and gather the data you need to setup a system like Zahara. The longer you take though, the longer you will be out of control of your costs. So take actions quickly. Perhaps take a free trial now?

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