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How to Help Clients Embrace Their Budget

By Guest Author: Heather Smith Budgeting certainly has its place in the business world, but not all businesses understand how to make a budget work for their needs. I spoke with some colleagues to le…

The Controversy Behind Budgets

By Guest Author: Heather Smith Budgeting and cost control can be useful business tools when used properly, but if used arbitrarily, there are practitioners that believe you might be wasting your time…

8 Reasons to Kill Off Purchase Invoices

RIP Purchase Invoices Isn’t it astonishing that the biggest problems in accounts payables occurs before the purchase invoice even arrives with the AP team. But the resultant invoice can tie the t…

Running a global business from my iPad

How things have changed... Back in the 80’s, when I was a demanding teenager, my dad went to work every day in a suit, and he went to his office. He worked there all day, doing paper work. He had a…

Take Back Control (of Your Purchasing)

Operational inefficiencies are a blight on business, yet largely avoidable with some straight-forward technical interventions.   The procurement process is one such business function that has…

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Workflow – Conditional Start

Business > Divisions > Workflow We have just updated Zahara adding some more functions. One of those functions is the conditional approval workflow starts which has been requested by many Zahar…

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