Paperless Staff Expenses – 5 Reasons Why

Controlling Your Expenses

  We all know how much events this year have changed our daily lives. One area we have really seen change is business expenses. This can perhaps be one of the first areas to look at when trying to save money and cut expenditure. We have more people than ever using Zahara for staff expenses (yes, you can do this!) But, why should you? Well, here are 5 reasons why:  
  1. Saves time and money
    This is probably at the top of your priorities list at the moment. You can set the right approval workflow for expenses, and bring better visibility to your expense procedure. Approvals can also be done quicker, they are just an email away.
  2. Covid-19 restrictions approved
    Expenses can be claimed via mobile, or anywhere with internet, and approved via email. We have seen some very clunky expense claim procedures recently, with little control and not very Covid friendly. Zahara means no passing of paper, no coming into contact with anyone. Employees can even upload pictures of receipts with the claim.
  3. Easy to setup
    Especially in Zahara, setting up staff expenses can be done in a matter of minutes - we even have a YouTube video showing you exactly how to do it... We can even do it for you! You set the parameters on who has to approve what - an expense over £200 might have to go to more than one person for approval, expenses under 10 might automatically approve. Zahara handles it.
  4. Reduces fraud
    If you are using a paper system, chances are some things slip through. People could be claiming the same expenses twice, claiming false amounts, or simply putting through expenses that simply don't exist. Zahara will put a stop to this.
  5. It is easier
    The process of claiming expenses for the staff is very easy. A few clicks and it is done - staff will love it as they no longer have to fill out complicated forms (nobody likes this) - approvers don't have to spend ages looking through piles of paper, everything they need to know is right there in front of them.
So, there are 5 reasons why you should look at going paperless with your staff expenses. What do you think though? let us know on Twitter how you are handling your expenses.   If you want to give it a go yourself, you can sign up for our 30-day free trial here  


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