Quickbooks Online & Zahara – A Class Act

With 5.6m users globally QuickBooks can justifiably claim to be a real powerhouse of small business accounting. The massive growth of QuickBooks Online is further proof that business leaders are demanding the 24x7 access, ease of use and the ability to bolt on extra capabilities that cloud based applications provide.

And when comes to purchase approvals - Zahara combined with QBO is a real class act.

Zahara automates budgets, purchase requisitions, orders, invoices and multi-level approvals and helps businesses gain real time visibility and centralised control of their spending. When integrated with QBO - business owners get a single view of their business, with all the controls they need to protect and grow profitability, increase efficiencies and eliminate fraud.

Accountants and financial professionals love the tight integration using Classes and Cost Codes to align ledger records. Cost Codes are a further analysis codes to help users to get the most from spend data. For example, a Ledger Code of 5050 covers 'Materials', however a Cost Code could allow further narrative such as Concrete, Bricks, Cable, Glass etc.

So Zahara, when added to your Quickbooks Deployment not only provides your employees at any location with intuitive tools for initiating purchase requisitions, controlling departmental and project budgets and ensuring a compliant order to invoice process, but gives financial managers the granular data they need to control and really company expenditure.

Now, that's Class.

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