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The updated ultimate work from home survival guide

The updated ultimate work from home survival guide- from the Zahara team 

We are almost two years into working from home or adopting a hybrid working model. Everyone is in and out of the office and it’s something we are all pretty used to. However, it can still be a struggle to navigate, and if you’re sick of hearing ‘get dressed, go for a walk and do a zoom quiz’, then Zahara has you covered. We have come up with an updated survival guide full of the best new tips for working from home. If working from home will be part of your life in 2022, then read on:

Blue light filters 

You may have heard that blue light that comes from the screens of our various devices strains our eyes and makes it harder to sleep. Blue light filtering may have some benefits to relieve discomfort, so here’s what we use. Flux is a blue light filtering software that you can install on your laptop or PC to adjust the colour of the display according to the time of day, showing a warmer appearance with less blue light in the afternoons/evenings. We also like blue light glasses, which are really helpful to put on as and when you are feeling some visual discomfort.

Phone charging solutions

We recommend a multi-purpose phone charging solution, like this one on Amazon. It doubles as a desk pen pot to complete the office look. It also stands the phone upright as it charges, meaning you can still use it and access it easily while charging. We love to use this on software demos when showing off our mobile app!

SAD lights

SAD stands for Seasonal Affective Disorder which describes persistent low mood that is experienced in the winter months. To combat this, there are special SAD alarm clocks and lamps that recreate the natural morning light that we miss out on in winter. This has been described as a game changer by our team at Zahara, as it can really help with waking up on time and brightening the day.


For your home office, we recommend oil diffusers for a zen-like, spa environment. This can help you stay relaxed and enjoy being in your office, bedroom, living room or wherever you work. Zahara staff particularly enjoy lemongrass, bergamot, and lavender scents.

Window entertainment

For extra entertainment, consider installing a bird feeder in the window that you face, so you can watch birds (or mischievous squirrels) frolic in the wonder of nature.

Green Office?

For the ultimate choice in Zoom backgrounds, have you considered painting your home office green? Our founder, Martin has! So extra.

Work from home office

We hope you enjoyed our tips for the optimal work from home environment! Follow us on Twitter to stay tuned with the team at Zahara.


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