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Project Orders not working

Good morning

Has anyone had an issue with raising purchase orders for Projects?

Our business has not been able to get these orders raised for over 24 hours now. It is most likely something we have done but without help we can not fix it.

Can anyone help?








Hi Angela,

Thanks for your post. 

You've directed your support question to our feature request forum. If you are experiencing issues, we recommend reviewing our knowledgebase and submitting a support ticket if you cannot find the answer to your question.

Hope this helps 

Kind Regards 


Hi Nick

Thanks for the response. I have logged the call and read the knowledge base and tried alternatives within the test company and it is not sorted. I am stressed with it and do not know how to fix it until I get my one to one call which I have requested with the on-boarding team which we will pay for.


However, I am under pressure to get it resolved so thought I would ask if anyone has had a similar experience and could help me reosolve it as I have a buyer waiting on an order.

Is that allowable?

Many thanks