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Apply invoice to budget

You can enable the ability to apply an invoice to a budget. Go to Business > Settings > Budgets to find these settings. Firstly enable the feature. You can choose to either adjust a budget wit…

Consuming the budget

Budgets can be consumed in a number of ways: By the originator when raising an order – feedback on whether the line item is in budget. By the approver – the approver can see how the order af…

Budget Setup

Zahara Budgets are a framework for controlling spend. You create a Budget for a Division or a Project and all spend create in Purchase Orders (requests) can be applied to the budget. You can also appl…

Managing Projects

Projects are a ring-fencing of spend and can be used in a number of ways. They are designed to be used for job costs or project costs. However, if you are a Xero user you can elect to use projects in …

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