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Creating Approvals

Approval workflows are administered from the Divisions. Divisions are found under the Business menu. Workflows can be created for both Purchase Orders and Invoices. There are a number of steps that yo…

Waiting for a GRN

An invoice can arrive in the business but you find a corresponding purchase order hasn't been receipted. There is no GRN. We have a workflow step for invoice approvals that can check the GRN status. I…

Expense claim conversion

Zahara has a workflow step that will convert an purchase order to an invoice automatically. This has been designed for expense processing. An expense claim can be raised and sent for approval. At the …

Coding approvals

There are times when you need your approvers to also code an invoice or an order as part of the approval. Coding can include the Account code (ledger/nominal), the Cost Code or the Project code. You c…

Workflows & Approvals

Approvals sit at the Division level and Divisions are designed to be flexible, but are really the natural groupings of people in your organisation. If you are a typical business with Marketing, Sales,…

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