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Waiting for a GRN


An invoice can arrive in the business but you find a corresponding purchase order hasn’t been receipted. There is no GRN. We have a workflow step for invoice approvals that can check the GRN status. It will then pass onto the next step if the condition is true but will wait if the GRN status isn’t acceptable. The workflow step will then send recurring reminder emails, and place an alert for the designated user when they login to Zahara. Read on to find out how to set this up. 


Add a workflow step.

Head into your Division and the invoice workflows. Either create a brand new workflow or edit an existing one. You need to add the new step – ‘Check for GRN’. Add this step and we recommend have it at the top of the workflow so it’s step 1. You can add a condition so that this is only invoked if an order exists. This step also contains a field to customise the email template to be sent. 

GRN Check step


Step settings

There are several settings here, the first being Fully Received or Partially Received. We have made the decision with Partially Received to use 50% as the marker. So the step will hold until at least 50% of all line items have been receipted. Fully received means all lines have to be marked as received. 

The next key decision is who is going to receive the email and be alerted. You have choices of: 

  • The originator of the order
  • Division email – (not head of Division)
  • The Project Manager 
  • The supplier (not likely) 
  • You putting an email address of your own in here – like warehouse@

You can use the correct placeholder for the variables, one of 

  • {originator_user_email}
  • {division_email} 
  • {project_manager_email}

You can then set the senders email address – such as ‘’

You can edit the wording of the email. This field will accept standard HTML like <strong></strong> <p></p> if you wish to format it. Otherwise, assume a text based email. 

You can choose who gets the alert on login using the same placeholders as above. 

Wait for – this is hours – 24 is the default. So everyday at the same time. 

How it works

Once your workflow has been created you can test an invoice, that relates to an order. If the GRN status is such that the step resolves to false, you should see an approval box like this: 

Once the GRN is completed, the workflow step will move on after the next retry. It will keep repeating the reminder email until the GRN is completed to the settings. 

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