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Coding approvals


There are times when you need your approvers to also code an invoice or an order as part of the approval. Coding can include the Account code (ledger/nominal), the Cost Code or the Project code. You can create an approval set that requests/demands the user to take action.


Edit your Division and scroll down to the Workflows.

Create a new workflow with the approval type of “Invoice Approval” and give it a name as shown below:

View of a newly created workflow

Then create your first email step by naming it and clicking add new step:

Screenshot of the workflow step creation interface, with the 'Must Edit' setting enabled, with the Project Code requirement set.

The “Invoice” step allows you to request that the approver must also code the invoice as shown in the screen shot above. You can choose on the left:

  • None – they will receive the standard approval email.
  • Can Edit – If they click the Review button in their email, they can edit any of the selected codes.
  • Must Edit – The approval email will have the Approve and Reject buttons removed, and the approver will have to edit the invoice and code it.

Email templates

The wording of the invoice approval email can be edited under Business Settings > HTML Templates as shown below:

List of all HTML Email Templates

The ability to Approve or Reject only will be removed from the Approval email if the approval step is set to “Must Edit”. In this case, the “Review with Details” link will be the sole link. On the Mobile app, approvers will be required to code the document before completing it. 

How it works - end user

The approver will receive an email and the Review link will take them through to a screen as shown:

End result displaying the coding requirement before approval or rejection

In the example above, the user has to add the project code before they can approve (or Reject).


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