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Waiting for a GRN

An invoice can arrive in the business but you find a corresponding purchase order hasn't been receipted. There is no GRN. We have a workflow step for invoice approvals that can check the GRN status. I…

GRN an order

This article tells you how to receipt an order. GRN means Good Received Note. To undo a GRN, you can GRN with a negative value to restore the correct GRN value you require. You can adjust any rece…

GRN Custom Fields

If enabled on your account, you can create custom fields to be used when GRN'ing your orders. First off ask us to enable the feature - available to the Enterprise and Unlimited editions. Head to Busi…

GRN Controls & Settings

We have a number of settings to help you control the buying process, related to specifically the receipting of deliveries - GRN's. GRN stands for Good Receive Notes. In Business Settings > Invoice…

GRN Reminders

You can have your buyers or project managers emailed a reminder to GRN (receipt) for their deliveries. To enable this feature, head to Business Settings and Suppliers & GRN's In Business Settings…

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