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GRN Controls & Settings


We have a number of settings to help you control the buying process, related to specifically the receipting of deliveries – GRN’s. GRN stands for Good Receive Notes.

Invoice Alert

In Business SettingsInvoices, you have the ability to set make some settings. When creating an invoice against an order, if enabled, you can warn the invoice creator that the order hasn’t been fully receipted. You can even prevent the order from being raised. 

Prevent Additional GRN's

You can prevent an order from being receipted further, once it balances show as being fully delivered. This means if you ordered 10 widgets and someone has receipted the delivery of the 10 widgets, with this setting on, no additional receipting can be done. This setting is in Business Settings > Purchase Orders

Order Adjustment to GRN

We think of this setting as our fresh produce setting. You ordered 25 chicken fillets and the butcher has delivered 18. You won’t get 7 on backorder. This is all the butcher had for the day. With this setting on, you can adjust the purchase order to reflect the delivery. The GRN is done in the usual way but a conditional prompt will appear if the setting is enabled: 

The setting, under Purchase Orders tab, enables you to offer this for all suppliers or suppliers of a certain type.

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