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GRN Reminders


You can have your buyers or project managers emailed a reminder to GRN (receipt) for their deliveries. To enable this feature, head to Business Settings and Suppliers & GRN’s


In Business Settings > Suppliers & GRNs you will see the section below. Enable the feature on the right. You can then set the frequency of the Email reminder and the time it will send. Next, choose the recipient. The originator of the order or the Project Manager

Editing reminder template

The GRN Reminder template can be edited in the HTML Templates section as shown below: 


In order for a GRN Reminder email to be sent, there are some requirements:

  • ‘Enable line item required by dates’ must be turned on. This is a setting found under the ‘Purchase Orders’ section in the Business Settings.
  • The document must be fully approved.
  • There cannot be a Send to Supplier failure- ensure there is a working email address associated with the supplier.
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