Zahara is a class act with QuickBooks…

Pay attention Class

Ok. So enough class puns. We've been getting to know QuickBooks better this month. Our developers have kicked off an integration with QuickBooks Online - it's a very popular accounts system is the US and we want to make it better with the use of our custom approval workflows in Zahara - but in the meantime, we have expanded our QuickBooks desktop support to include Classes. Zahara has had Cost Codes from the launch. To us at Zahara, a cost code is a further analysis code to help you get the most from your spend data. You can have a ledger code of 5050 for materials but the cost code could allow further narrative like Concrete, Bricks, Cable, Glass etc. Most accounts systems support this. Some seem to make harder work of it than others. Some of our ERP customers ask if we support all 6 of their analysis codes. Not as yet is the answer. However, what we have found is that both the two online "big boys" Xero & QuickBooks replicate what we offer but call them different things. Xero calls them Tracks and Quickbooks calls it a Class. So we have become a class act this week by including classes in our existing QuickBooks desktop IIF file export.


Better purchase ordering and approvals with Xero


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