Buying better, for a better world

This week we have most of the world's leaders in Glasgow UK for the Cop26 Climate Change Conference. We have Boris Johnson telling us we are drinking in the last chance saloon. The world has to take action.  But so does the business word collectively. 

With Zahara being at the centre of many buying decisions - the software used to police the decision on whether something should be purchased - is there an opportunity here to ask more questions. Is there an opportunity to scrutinise the purchase requisition to make sure the buyer has chosen the best product by price, supplier and sustainability? Are we asking enough questions about what our organisations are buying? Are there alternatives available that have less fuel miles or lower decomposition times? 

Zahara's custom fields can be used in many different ways. If you feel your green credentials can be improved by asking your buyer to think harder, then create an extra field or two such as Renewable Y/N? We still need new technology to make a big difference, but it's the small steps that will create the movement.



Introducing… Zahara AutoPilot!


The Metaverse: What is it and what does it mean for business?

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