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Adding documents to an order


A user can upload a document – Quote/Terms & Conditions when raising an order. They can upload different types of documents that will be stored with the order. You can force a quote to be uploaded over a certain value as well. You can also upload documents to a purchase or an invoice retrospectively

Document history

You can add a file to a document by clicking the “Attach” link in the document history as shown below: 

Document with Create

When creating a Purchase Order, you have the ability to upload a document. In the Narrative section, you will see the panel below: 

Drag a document over to reveal this box: 

You can choose the type and whether the Document / File needs acceptance or sending onto the supplier.  

Supplier Acceptance of Document

Zahara has functionality where a document you attach to an order, can be sent to the supplier, for acceptance, prior to them receiving the purchase order. In the case of construction, it could be you require a signed Terms & Conditions document from your supplier (sub-contractor). This functionality will facilitate this. Read on to find out how.

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