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Finding an order or invoice


A document is a Purchase, an Invoice or a Purchase Requisition. This article explains how to find articles either using the respective Document list or the global search function.

Contextual Search

First off, you have respective document lists.

  • Purchases
  • Invoices
  • Purchase Requisitions

Each of these document lists are customisable at a user level to display the fields that are important to you and the display order. The display order should default to the “created date” but you may need to actually display this field yourself by clicking the table icon on the right-hand side. 


You also have various filters you can apply – such as All, Last 30 Days and Last month. These are typically all based on the “created date” of the document though, so bear this in mind. An invoice date could be 31/5/2021 but the created date might be 3/6/2021 so wouldn’t necessarily appear in “Last Month”
You can also Filter here – you will notice the search bar. This is searching inside the results though. This is in effect filtered searching.

Global Search

The global search icon is at the top of the page next to the help icon. This is a useful tool as you can search for:

  • Order Numbers
  • Invoice Numbers
  • Suppliers
  • Line Items Contents
  • Products 

Select the type of search first and then enter your value. You can also search across line items as well when you set it to ALL 



In addition to global search you also have reporting. You can run off and export lists of orders and invoices and various other items. There are also hyperlinks to the individual records. 



As most documents relate to a supplier, you can access the Orders & Invoices in the supplier record. To do this, you have to view the supplier record and then click into the Purchase History tab as shown below: 


You can find your documents in a number of different ways but our recommendation is to use the Global Search option – this can save time if you want to go straight to something specific. List views are great for the context of seeing what’s delivered, or what’s waiting for approval and search is best for getting to the right thing quickly.

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