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The Preparer Role


The Preparer’s job is to setup the payment approval process and commence the payment run. They will choose invoices to be paid, and select Approvers from the list of available payment approvers for the business to construct a workflow.

Processing Invoices

Navigate to the invoice list and select the invoices you’d like to process. You can select as many invoices as you wish to be designated for the same payment run, meaning you can send batches of invoices to the same workflow configuration.

You will see a new ‘Pay’ drop down menu; click this and select Payment Approval.

payment drop down menu

You can then designate the order of approval for the payment run:

workflow for payment

The only selectable users here will be Approvers as designated in the business settings under payments. An approver will also require the finance role to successfully approve an invoice. Clicking send will commence the workflow with the first approver on the list.

Sending Approvals

There are two ways in which the approvers listed will be alerted to approval. First, notifications will be received- this will show as a bell at the top of the screen.

notification alert

Secondly, they will also receive an approval email. The HTML template for the approval email sent to approvers can be adjusted by navigating to the HTML template tab in the business settings. For more information on editing templates, please see this guide.

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