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Required by Date


When creating a purchase order, the required by date for most people is tomorrow. For others that are pre-planning it might be very important to set this accurately for the future, so there are additional settings for advanced requirements. 

Required by Policy

First, there is an optional policy setting to calculate the due date. It can be:
  1. Blank
  2. Next Day.
  3. Next Business Day.
You can set this to suit in Business Settings> Purchase Orders
You can also set an offset so ‘Next Business Day’  plus 3 – the offset is effectively extra days. 
Setting this to Blank will force the user to choose a due date rather than relying on the default. 

Line Item Level

You also have the opportunity of making every line item have a required date. This setting will move the required date onto the line item as shown here:
If enabled, when raising an order you will see the required by field on the line item. Also, both types of importing will have this field in the CSV template. 

Additional Validation

Further to this, you can enable validation on the value and force it to be populated. This is set in Business Settings > Purchase Orders and the Required Field setting. 

Once set the user has to populate this value. 



Line Item Template

And finally, these values would be pointless without making them available to the PDF template. So you can edit your Line items template to drop in the Required Date using the placeholder as shown below: 
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