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Importing Suppliers

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Importing Suppliers

If you use Xero, QBO or one of the other full integrations, suppliers will be imported as part of the sync. If you use another finance system you can import your suppliers very easily. Head to the supplier list from the Business menu.  


Importing Suppliers

From the supplier list view, as shown below, click the import button which is a drop-down off of the new supplier button:

You will now see the import and mappings screen. There are 14 fields you can populate when importing suppliers. Arrange your CSV file accordingly and import it. Then get the mappings correct – ie CSV column 1 = the correct field in Zahara. 



Import Profiles

With Zahara, you can save the Import Profile. Once you have the mappings correct, clear the filename where it says “New Profile” and add a useful name. Then click Save Profile. The next time you wish to import suppliers, you can simply select the saved profile and add import the CSV file. 



Remember the CSV file is a Comma Separated File. Make sure your source file doesn’t have commas in the address fields or any other fields that might throw out the importing. 

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