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FileDirector Integration


FileDirector is a document management system that can be used for secure storage of Zahara’s documents like purchase orders and invoices. It is a belt and braces approach to storage. This articles explain how to add a workflow step to export documents. The video below has a complete overview. 

The video above explains all of this article as well.

Exporting Documents

There is a workflow step to archive documents into FileDirector. File Director is a world-class document management system. To use this step you will need an on-premise FileDirector with public IP address or use FileDirector cloud. 

Add the workflow step and then set up the mappings as shown below. Head into Divisions and edit an existing workflow or create a new workflow. Then add the workflow step “FileDirector CheckIn

1. First off, set the FileDirector url for File Director cloud, this will be:

2. Next up provide the username and password Zahara will use to connect to FileDirector. You may want to create a dedicated combination purely for Zahara.

3. Next you need the cabinet ID. You will find this here in the Enterprise Manager of FileDirector – Right-click on your cabinet and select properties – you need this ID as highlighted in yellow. As you will see in Image 2 below, we don’t need the FD_ part.

Zahara Screen Shot

FileDirector Checkin.


Image 2

4. Now you need the document type ID you will use for archiving this documents. Let’s say you have a document type called “Purchase Orders” in FileDirector. Now get the ID for this in the same way you got the ID for the cabinet. Right click on the Document Type and select Settings

Zahara Screen Shot

Image 3

Grab this ID and populate in the appropriate place as shown in Image 2 above.  5. Tick Generate PDF 6. Now you need to map the fields you want to populate and index. You can choose the Zahara field on the left and populate the FileDirector field value on the right. Do this in the same way. Find the field under the fields section, and right click on your field and click settings as shown below:

Zahara Screen Shot  

Image 4 Now you can map this field against the desired field in FileDirector,  7. Make sure you have a Field created called Zahara Token, Go to Fields in FileDirector and create a field if one doesn’t exist already. 

Zahara Screen Shot

Image 5 8. Now make sure this field is assigned to your chosen Document Type in FileDirector as shown below: 

Zahara Screen Shot

Image 6 9. Going back to image 2, now Test your connection. Assuming all is well, save the changes.

How it works

Once your step is setup, Zahara can archive an invoice or a purchase order as part of a workflow. It will create the document in FileDirector and populate the index fields. This assumes your have FileDirector all setup the way you need it with all of the fields created and in place and that you can manually archive documents in FileDirector without any issues. 

Trouble shooting

You cannot connect when testing the connection 

Check your credentials exactly. Using the same URL and same username and password, can you login to FileDirector using the WinClient. If not you have a credentials issue and you need to resolve this first. 


The document archives, but fields are blank

Check your field values in the mappings. Do you have the exact ID from FileDirector. Correct any mistakes


There is no invoice image

Did you tick Generate PDF? Was an invoice PDF added to the invoice record in the first place?

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