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The Approver Role


The Approver role is assigned to the users who will sign off on each invoice payment, as assigned by the Preparer. 

Viewing approvals

There are several ways that the approver is alerted to invoice payments to be approved. The most efficient method is via the new notifications panel. Click the bell at the top of your screen to see any approval requests for payment runs that have been assigned to you. You will then see the following:

notification for approval

Here, you can see the Preparer who requested your approval and how many invoices are to be approved. You may also search for any individual invoice and approve it by clicking into the invoice as normal, this is useful in cases where there are any urgent or priority payments to be made.

Alternatively, you will receive an email requesting your approval for the payment run. To preview and edit this email, please go to the HTML templates section of the business settings and click on the ‘Payment Approval’ template.

Reviewing the payment run

By clicking ‘Review Payment Run’, the Approver will be able review, and approve or reject each invoice in the payment run. You will be able to see the invoice PDF and any recipient details, as well as the value of the document. Press Approve or Reject accordingly.

Please note that payment will go to the recipient bank details on file in Currencies Direct, not what is shown against the supplier in the payment run approval. 

Approve and Pay

If the Approver also has the Payer role, they may also immediately proceed with paying the invoice. To do so, click Approve for an invoice and proceed to confirm the approval. If you are a Payer as well as an Approver, you will be able to immediately proceed to payment.

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