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New Reporting


To access new reporting, navigate to the Admin menu and then the Analysis link. Currently, two versions are running in Zahara. You need to be in the newer “V3” part of Zahara to access new reporting. After logging in, head to Purchase Orders from the Documents menu, and then you are in “V3”. If you have the correct permissions, you will see the Admin menu. From here, click Analysis.¬†

You should see this:

Business Unit Selector

Under the word “Dashboard”, you will see a Business Unit selector. Choose the Business Unit(s) you wish to report on. This is shown in the red box below. You can change this and the date range and then click “Update Report”. This will choose the data we are using for the dashboard below and the reports that can be run.¬†

There is a Business Unit filter shown in the blue box below, directly above the dashboard, that can also be selected. This is a filter, whereas the selector above is used to engage the data. There is a subtle difference. 


Dashboard Numbers & What They Mean

The dashboard numbers are there to save you time trying to calculate these values using reports. If you adjust the date range, then these numbers should be meaningful for you. All numbers shown exclude tax but are converted to the base currency of your first business unit. 

Committed Spend 

This is the value of Orders raised within the date range, that have been approved. Pending approval or Draft is excluded from this number. 

Net GRN Total

This is the Value of orders that are yet to be Receipted. If this value is zero, then everything you have ordered is fully received. 

Matched Order to Invoice Difference 

The value of the orders raised, less the invoices received against them. 

Invoices Awaiting Approval 

The value of invoices that are in approval workflows, still yet to be approved. 

Disputed Invoices

The value of invoices which have a Reject status

Invoices Not Exported 

Value of invoices not yet exported. 

Running a Report

There are 6 Reports you can run. Each report has totals of the Currency values. Each report can be exported to PDF or Excel using the Share icon. 

Invoice Lines

A line-level report for all invoices created in your chosen date range for the Business Units selected. 

Purchase Order Lines 

A line-level report for all Orders created in your chosen date range for the Business Units selected. 

Order Invoice Difference 

This report is line level and shows the difference between the orders raised and the invoices received against them.

Awaiting Delivery

This report shows the line items and the quantity and value of items not received. 

GRNI РGoods Received Not Invoiced 

This report shows line items of Goods that have been received but are as yet not invoiced. The Net & Gross value are totalled for you. 

Audit Trail Report 

Within the date range set, this report shows Orders and Invoices created and the approval workflows and the steps these documents have taken. 

Exporting Reports

You can export reports by clicking the Export icon that is shown when you click into the results pane as shown below:


From here, you will see a dialogue box that offers you PDF, Image or Excel. Excel is best for analysis.

Now click the export button in blue. The Spreadsheet will be in your downloads folder and will represent what you see on screen.  


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