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Sage 50 Post-Install/Troubleshooting


Now that the installation is complete, here are a few things to remember and a few troubleshooting queries for you to review before raising a ticket with our support team.

Things to Remember

Upgrading Sage Means Upgrading SmartSync

When the time comes that you need to upgrade your version of Sage (e.g. from V26 to V27), it means that you will also need to upgrade SmartSync. At this point, it is best to raise a ticket with the support team requesting their assistance in upgrading SmartSync before you begin upgrading Sage, as this best ensures a seamless transition between versions.

Scheduled Tasks

If the SmartSync tool syncs aren’t running you may need to set up scheduled tasks, you may need our support team to help with this.


Invoices not Posting to Sage/Data not Syncing to Zahara

If the invoice seems to be stuck at the “Pending” stage after the invoice is marked for export (manually or via a workflow) and a reasonable amount of time has passed, this is when to begin troubleshooting.

If changes to data (suppliers, nominal codes, tax codes or tracking categories) have been made in Sage and the changes do not appear the following day, this is when to start troubleshooting as the data sync should occur overnight.

A User Account is Locked

Another reason for failed communication with Sage is the user account we use – perhaps called Zahara – has gotten locked. The best solution there is to log into Sage with it. If Sage reports it’s in use, you can potentially close the connection. This should resolve the issue. Please be wary of kicking out the logged-in user, it may just be taking longer to post than expected.

Expired License Key

SmartSync requires a licence key, and an expired licence key can prevent SmartSync from running, if this happens, please contact our support desk where they will issue you with a new licence key.

Upgraded Sage

If you have recently completed a Sage version upgrade e.g V26 to 27, then you will need to also upgrade your SmartSync, if the support team completed the initial install then please raise a ticket with them, and they will direct you on how to get a new version of SmartSync installed.

Pending Invoices

If a supplier has been created in Zahara and doesn’t exist in Sage the invoice will not be able to post to Sage until the supplier has been created in Sage. If you are creating a supplier in both Zahara and Sage and want the records to connect they must have the same account code/supplier reference in both Sage and Zahara.

Projects and Cost Codes

If you are using the projects or cost codes tracking categories in Sage, to ensure when processing invoices in Zahara this information carries through to Sage with the invoice data you will need to select both a project and a cost code on an invoice as these tracking categories are linked, so a default cost code or project may need to be created to allow the data to pass through to Sage if you only use one.

Alternatively, if you are populating both fields in Zahara and the data is still not going across when the invoice is exported it is best to contact the sopport team via a ticket to investigate.

Projects/Cost Codes Not Syncing to Zahara

If you cannot find a project or cost code in Zahara but can see it in Sage, it may be that one of your Zahara users has not found the code they needed and edited an existing one rather than creating a new one. This is because when information is sync-ed or created in Zahara it is assigned a Zahara ID within our database, this information is how Zahara differentiates all your data, from suppliers to nominal codes. As Sage does not need or use the Zahara ID, this allowed you to have 2 codes in Sage, and due to them both having the same Zahara ID it meant that Zahara can only populate 1 on the interface as it recognises the update/change as the version of the code you want. 

Division not Matching to Department Reference

“Failed to export to Sage. Could not match the division from Zahara with a department reference in Sage on {Date} at {Time}.” If this is happening, have you changed your Sage Departments, if so, have you then updated the Division ID in the respective division in Zahara?

Still Unsure?

SmartSync has a log of everything that it does within your Windows Event Viewer. This will usually highlight what issues the system is experiencing which can enable our support team to quickly diagnose what might be causing you issues. 

You can get access to Event Viewer by simply search for it in the Windows Search Box in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen or by heading to Windows Icon>Windows Administrative Tools>Event Viewer. 

SmartSync’s log is available on the left-hand side under Applications and Services Logs. 

There should be a large number of entries highlighting everything SmartSync has done recently. On the right-hand side, you can select “Save All Events As…” 

If you provide this file to the support team, they may be able to get a better understanding of the issue.

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