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Mandatory Approval Comments


You can ensure that your team is reasonably informed of why a purchase order or an invoice has been rejected. Using our “Mandatory approval rejection comment” feature you can make it mandatory that a user must provide a reason for why they are rejecting an order from our approval emails or our approval review screens. You can also provide some options available via a dropdown menu to quickly provide a reason:

Enable the feature

Head to Business Settings and click into the Workflow tab

Zahara Screen Shot
Switch the feature on if it’s to be mandatory. Populate any customised reasons in the “Pre set Rejection Comments” section.  

Using the feature

With this feature turned off, the user can optionally leave a comment when rejecting by populating the comment box:
Zahara Screen Shot
With this feature turned on, the user must enter a comment to be able to reject the PO or Invoice:
Zahara Screen Shot
This comment will then appear in the document history of the PO or invoice.
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