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Importing Products


Products (inventory) belong to suppliers. So products are imported into individual supplier records. This means when raising purchase orders, you can select products for each line item that have had the pricing and products codes pre-set. 

Importing Products

Go to suppliers and then into an individual supplier record. 

Click into the products tab: 

Click the drop-down on the New Products button as shown below and click Import Products 


Import Profiles

You may receive product feeds from different suppliers. Our import profiles allow you to create a mappings of the CSV file you use and save this profile for use again in the future.

  • First off import your CSV file. 
  • The set the mappings correctly between the columns in your CSV file and Zahara 
  • Save the profile using the “Save Profile” button 
  • Click import at the bottom of the page


Things to know

The CSV file cannot have more than 2500 rows. If your product catalogue has more than this number of rows, use this fantastic website to split up your CSV file –

You can then download a Zip file and import the split files in sequence. 

You must have a header row. Even though there is an option to tick that the CSV has a header row, make sure it does. The tool above will put the header row in all of the child CSV files. 

Your description row cannot have commas in it. Search and replace in Excel first and change the commas to a | (pipe). CSV is exactly as it sounds – comma separated. This means any commas in the description with push the other fields out of sync. 

The product description / name field has a limit of 100 characters as well so if you have any very long product names, we suggest you run an Excel formula to truncate them.

Tax Code – the Tax code field needs to be the actual code not the percentage. So if your Tax code is T20 or T1 then that should be populated in this field. 


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