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A custom button can be created in the approval process to not only approve or reject but also to set a custom field value at the same time. The best example of this is if you want to approve an invoice but also set a custom field of “type” to have a value of “re charge”. So approve the invoice but recharge the customer. You can do this with Zahara custom buttons.

Watch this video for a full explanation:



Creating a Button

Head into Business Settings > Custom Buttons. Here you can create a custom button for either purchase orders, or invoices. 

Deploying a button

To deploy the button you need to add a placeholder into your existing approval templates. 

As part of creating the custom button, you will create a template placeholder that you name in the second field. As shown below, Button Label is called Query. 


You then drop the placeholder into your template approval email as shown below:


In Action

Once a user clicks a custom button as part of a process, the document approval status will change and a custom field will be set. In the example below, the Approval for the invoice is set to Approved but the custom field of Query is set to Yes. This is a simple feature that can be used in a number of different ways. 

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