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Custom Fields on Line Items


You can create custom fields on the line items of both Purchase Orders and Invoices. These fields can be text based, a date or a select list of options. The values are then stored with the document and can be seen in the line-item reports. We have plans (as of Feb 24) to expand the functionality into our next-gen integrations of Sage Intacct and Dynamics Business Central as well as our existing integrations but as of the release of this feature, the mappings element will follow. 

Creating Fields

From within Business Settings, (Business > Settings), click into the Custom Fields tab towards the bottom of the left menu. You will see this screen: 

In the top right area, click into Line Item Level. 

Now click the New Field button. 

Step 1. Choose the type of field. You have a choice of Invoice or Order. 

Step 2. Give the field a name, placeholder (for use in document templates) and a description. 

Step 3. Now decide on the type of field – List, Date or Text. 

Your field will now be created when you click Create Field. 

List Types

If in the create section above you chose List, the field will now be editable in the Coding lists section. In the example below, there is a custom field called Shelf, and this now appears in the Coding List. 

From this view you can easily manually type new child entries, or use the import functionality to import a CSV of values as shown here: 


Parent Fields

As with our other header level custom fields, you can have a hierarchy of fields. An example is below. 

We can see some car models here and they have a parent from another field called Makes. This means that the relevant child values are only shown as displayed here on the Create Order page: 


Your custom field values are stored with the document and can be seen when you edit or view a record. In addition, under our reporting, you can see the custom field line item values in the line level reports, under Live reports: 


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