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The Payer Role


The Payer is the last role in the payment process. They are responsible for providing the final authentication for the payment to proceed. This is only available once the invoice has been fully approved via the invoice workflow in Zahara, as well as the Payment approval workflow.

Paying invoices

There are two ways of paying an invoice which has been fully approved. The Payer can select invoices to be paid from the invoice list view, and select the ‘Pay with Currencies Direct’ button. This is especially useful for bulk paying invoices. They can also click into an individual invoice to review in more detail, and pay from here.

This will bring them to the payment screen. Please note that all invoices on this screen will be paid, the check boxes are present so you may remove invoices from this selection as shown below:

payment screen with invoice selected

Making the payment

To proceed with the payment, the Payer must first select the Currencies Direct Wallet to be used for the payment. This must be one of the listed wallets. You can only select one wallet per payment run. 

example of selecting a wallet

If a wallet selected is not for the currency of the invoice, the exchange rate will be shown underneath the wallet panel. This updates every minute with the latest rates. 

There are two mandatory fields that must be filled out for the transaction to proceed. 

  • Transaction Purpose – This is a required field for Currencies Direct. This has been auto-filled as ‘Bill payments’ as this is the most common transaction purpose, but you are able to select from any of the preset purposes listed.
  • Payment Date – Set this to when you want the transaction to occur. If this is set to a date in the future, it will mark the invoice as Scheduled for Payment.


A window will pop up once you have submitted to confirm the payment. At this stage you will have to enter the code provided by your two-factor authentication application- this is a requirement for all Payers. Please scan the QR code provided under the Payment Authorisation button in the business settings with any authentication application to set this up. For more information on this, please read our Currencies Direct Setup and Settings guide.

Finally, you will see a confirmation screen to inform you that the payment has been sent through to Currencies Direct to process. The status of the document will change accordingly.

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