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How to integrate with Sage Intacct



A Sage Intacct administrative account and a Zahara Tenancy Admin user are required to configure this integration.

Zahara connects each of its business units to entities in Sage Intacct. Zahara does not support connections to the ‘Top-Level’ in Sage Intacct.

A diagram showing the mappings between Zahara and Sage Intacct

Intacct - Subscribe to Web Services

Ensure that you’ve subscribed to Intacct’s “Web Services” module. It is also recommended that you have the “Taxes” module enabled.

  1. Company → Admin → Subscriptions → Applications
  2. Find ‘Web Services’ and ‘Taxes’ and click on it to Subscribe
  3. Ignore the warning about additional charges

Intacct - Enable Zaharas’ Sender ID

Add Zahara’s Sender ID to the allowed list.

  1. Company → Setup → Configuration → Company
  2. Click EDIT(top right corner)
  3. Click on the ‘Security’ tab
  4. Go to the section labelled “Web Services authorizations”
  5. Add the Sender ID of ZaharaMPP select Save

Intacct - Create a Top Level Role

  1. Select “Top Level” from the company dropdown menu
  2. Company → Admin → Roles
  3. Click ADD (top right)
  4. Input a ‘Name’, we recommend ‘Zahara Web Services Role’
  5. Select Permissions for each of the following Applications or modules. Selecting the corresponding ‘Permission’ in each of the sections listed:
    1. Company – Read Only + Attachments Folder “Add”
    2. General Ledger – Read Only
    3. Accounts Payable – Full
    4. Projects – Read Only
    5. Purchasing – Read Only
    6. Taxes – Read only
  6. Click SAVE

Intacct - Create a Top Level Web Service User

  1. Select “Top Level” from the company dropdown menu
  2. Company → Admin → Web Service User.
  3. Click ADD (top right)
  4. Input values for these fields:
    1. User ID.
    2. Email address (with a live email address to receive the password).
    3. Make sure the User Type = Business User.
  5. Contact Name → ADD:
    1. Last Name & First Name
    2. Click Save
  6. Click on the ‘Roles information’ tab and select the Role created in the prior step.
  7. Click on the ‘User entities’ tab and select ‘Enable access to top level’.
  8. Click SAVE.
  9. Enter the Administrative password.
  10. Ignore any warning that there will be a charge for creating the User.
  11. Check the provided email account for the web services user credentials.

Zahara - Create a new Zahara Business Unit

Create the corresponding Entities in Sage Intacct as Business Units of Zahara.

  1. Admin → Settings
  2. Find ‘Create Business Unit’
  3. Input values of the following fields:
    1. Name.
    2. Purchase Order Start Number (Optional).
    3. Organisation Address (Optional).
    4. Post Code (Optional).
    5. Country (Recommended).
    6. Timezone (Recommended).
  4. Select ‘Create’.
  5. Select the newly created Business Unit from Business Unit drop down menu.

Zahara - Linking Sage Intacct's Projects Module with Zahara (Optional)

You can link Projects in Zahara with either Sage Intacct’s Project Module or the Cross-Company Dimension of Class.

To check if you are using Sage Intacct’s Project Module, check that the Projects Subscription is enabled in Intacct by heading to:

  1. Company → Admin → Subscriptions → Applications
  2. Find “Projects” and check if it is enabled on the right hand side

If you are using Sage Intacct’s Project Module, and wish to bring “Tasks” from Sage Intacct to Zaharas’ Project Item Codes, Project Item Codes must be enabled within each Business Unit.

  1. Business Unit → Settings
  2. Find ‘Projects’
  3. Toggle ‘Enable Project Item Codes’
  4. Select ‘Save’

If you’ve not subscribed to Sage Intacct’s Project Module, you do not need to enable Project Item Codes, and instead can choose to link Sage Intacct’s Cross Company Dimension of “Class”. Instructions on how to make this choice is listed below.

Zahara - Connect to Sage Intacct

You must configure Zahara’s integration section to link Sage Intacct to Zahara.

  1. Business Unit → Settings
  2. Find ‘Integration’
  3. Select ‘Sage Intacct’ from the ‘Integration type’ dropdown menu
  4. Press the ‘Connect to Sage Intacct’ button
  5. Press the ‘Connect’ button
  6. Add the following credentials from the registration email sent received when the webservices user in Sage Intacct was created:
    1. Company ID.
    2. User ID.
    3. User Password.
  7. Select ‘Connect’
  8. Select Entity you wish to use for this business unit.
  9. Under Project Mapping, choose either Project or Class
  10. Select ‘Save’.
  11. Select ‘Synchronise with Sage Intacct’.
  12. Select ‘Close’.
  13. Select ‘Back’ (top right).

Zahara - Verify Data has been synchronised.

Once the synchronisation has been triggered, check the following areas to ensure that your Sage Intacct data now appears:

A diagram showing the mappings between Zahara and Sage Intacct

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